Muslim Minorities, Workplace Diversity and Reflexive HRM

Author(s) Jasmin Mahadevan, Claude-Hélène Mayer

2017, Routledge

Workplace diversity has become increasingly relevant to academics and practitioners alike. Often, this issue is tackled merely from a business-oriented/managerial point of view. Yet such a single-level perspective fails to acknowledge both the macro-societal context wherein companies and organizations act and the micro-individual dynamics by which individuals construct and affirm their identities in relation to…

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Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education

Author(s) Ramesh Chandra Mishra & John W. Berry

2017, Sage

The key to the upliftment of the Adivasi community is a deep understanding of their culture, psychological resources and cognitive strengths. Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education presents a comparative analysis of the cultural and cognitive dimensions of various communities in Canada, Ghana, China and India, and seeks answers from this analysis for Adivasi…

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Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families

Author(s) Rodosveta Dimitrova, Michael Bender, & Fons van de Vijver (Eds.)

2014, Springer

From the Back Cover Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families stands apart from current edited books by focusing mainly on immigrants coming to countries other than the United States, and on the experiences of children, adolescents, and young adults. Its international panel of experts addresses the complexities of acculturation in individual and family contexts, and…

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The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity

Author(s) Veronica Benet-Martinez & Ying-Yi Hong

2014, Oxford

The volume addresses some important basic issues, such as measurement of multicultural identity, links between multilingualism and multiculturalism, the social psychology of multiculturalism and globalization, as well as applied issues such as multiculturalism in counseling, education, policy, marketing and organizational science, to mention a few. See Attachment section on this page to download the flyer…

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Return Migration and Identity: A Global Phenomenon, A Hong Kong Case

Author(s) Nan M. Sussman

2010, Hong Kong University Press

The global trend for immigrants to return home has unique relevance for Hong Kong. This work of cross-cultural psychology explores many personal stories of return migration. The author captures in dozens of interviews the anxieties, anticipations, hardships and flexible world perspectives of migrants and their families as well as friends and co-workers.  The book examines…

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Immigrant youth in cultural transition: Acculturation, identity, and adaptation across national contexts

Author(s) John W. Berry, Jean S. Phinney, David L. Sam, & Paul Vedder

2006, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

This book explores the way in which immigrant adolescents carry out their lives at the intersection of two cultures (those of their heritage group and the national society), and how well these youth are adapting to their intercultural experience, in both their personal well-being and their school and community adjustment. People in all societies experiencing…

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