Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology

Author(s) Ayse Uskul & Shigehiro Oishi

2018, Oxford

Edited by Ayse Uskul and Shigehiro Oishi, Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology focuses on the social and economic conditions that impact on every aspect of an individual’s life cycle. This edited collection showcases a variety of approaches to the study of the role of the social and economic environment in human psychological processes, such as:…

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Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education

Author(s) Ramesh Chandra Mishra & John W. Berry

2017, Sage

The key to the upliftment of the Adivasi community is a deep understanding of their culture, psychological resources and cognitive strengths. Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education presents a comparative analysis of the cultural and cognitive dimensions of various communities in Canada, Ghana, China and India, and seeks answers from this analysis for Adivasi…

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The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity

Author(s) Veronica Benet-Martinez & Ying-Yi Hong

2014, Oxford

The volume addresses some important basic issues, such as measurement of multicultural identity, links between multilingualism and multiculturalism, the social psychology of multiculturalism and globalization, as well as applied issues such as multiculturalism in counseling, education, policy, marketing and organizational science, to mention a few. See Attachment section on this page to download the flyer…

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The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture

Author(s) Wang, Qi

2013, Oxford

In this volume, Qi Wang traces the developmental, social, cultural, and historical origins of the autobiographical self – the self that is made of memories of the personal past and of the family and the community. Wang combines rigorous research, sensitive survey of real memories and memory conversations, and fascinating personal anecdotes into a state-of-the-art…

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Social Psychology, Canadian Edition

Author(s) Catherine Sanderson, & Saba Safdar

2012, Wiley

Social Psychology 1st Canadian Edition is the first social psychology textbook written specifically to address the discipline of social psychology as it exists today. A global context and cross-cultural content have been woven into the fabric of the text illustrating to Canadian students that understanding culture is key to understanding social behavior. Paired with strong neuroscience…

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APA Handbook of Interpersonal Communication

Author(s) David Matsumoto, Editor

2010, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

When we use language to interact with one another, we become involved in acontinuous and dynamic process of exchange. This fact makes interpersonalcommunication a fascinating area for behavioral research. During the give-and-takeof discourse, the communicators exchange facts, ideas, views, opinions, emotions,and intentions in such a way as to enhance or impede social relationships; create,maintain, and…

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APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication

Author(s) David Matsumoto, Editor

2010, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

In today’s globalized world of international contact and multicultural interaction, effectiveintercultural communication is increasingly a prerequisite for social harmony andorganizational success. The APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication illustrateshow the practical, problem-solving approach of applied linguistics can illuminate a rangeof issues that arise in real-life intercultural interaction. Experts from a range of socialscience disciplines, including psychology,…

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What ARE We Talking About When We Talk About Race?

Author(s) Marshall Segall


Confusion persists over the meaning of “race” and related terms like racial and racism. The concept is consistently used as if it were a biological reality, when it surely is not. In about 85 pages, with compelling graphic illustrations, the award-winning cross-cultural psychologist, Marshall Segall, dispells the illusion of race and reveals the unity and…

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