Grandparents in Cultural Context

Author(s) David W. Shwalb & Ziarat Hossain

2018, Routledge

Grandparents in Cultural Context gives a long overdue global view of the changing roles of grandparents. The eleven main chapters are by experts in the Americas, Europe and Russia, Asia, and Africa and the Middle East, and the editors integrate their chapters with previous writings on grandparenthood. Rather than technical or statistical research reports, each…

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The Cultural Nature of Attachment: Contextualizing Relationships and Development

Author(s) Heidi Keller & Kim Bard

2017, Strüngmann Forum Reports

It is generally acknowledged that attachment relationships are important for infants and young children, but there is little clarity on what exactly constitutes such a relationship. Does it occur between two individuals (infant-mother or infant-father) or in an extended network? In the West, monotropic attachment appears to function as a secure foundation for infants, but…

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Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education

Author(s) Ramesh Chandra Mishra & John W. Berry

2017, Sage

The key to the upliftment of the Adivasi community is a deep understanding of their culture, psychological resources and cognitive strengths. Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education presents a comparative analysis of the cultural and cognitive dimensions of various communities in Canada, Ghana, China and India, and seeks answers from this analysis for Adivasi…

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The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture

Author(s) Wang, Qi

2013, Oxford

In this volume, Qi Wang traces the developmental, social, cultural, and historical origins of the autobiographical self – the self that is made of memories of the personal past and of the family and the community. Wang combines rigorous research, sensitive survey of real memories and memory conversations, and fascinating personal anecdotes into a state-of-the-art…

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Intercountry Adoption: Policies, Practices, and Outcomes

Author(s) Judith L. Gibbons, & Karen Smith Rotabi

2012, Ashgate

  From the publisher website: Intercountry adoption represents a significant component of international migration; in recent years, up to 45,000 children have crossed borders annually as part of the intercountry adoption boom. Proponents have touted intercountry adoption as a natural intervention for promoting child welfare. However, in cases of fraud and economic incentives, intercountry adoption…

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Lives across cultures: Cross-cultural human development (5th ed.).

Author(s) Harry Gardiner, & Corinne Kosmitzki

2010, Pearson/Allyn & Bacon

‚”Harry Gardiner and Corinne Kosmitzki, and their own very capable hands, skillfully and in an engaging and personal style, have energetically and generously updated and extended the coverage provided in the third edition of Lives Across Cultures. Covering all of the major developmental topics from cradle to grave, they take the reader through the labyrinth…

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Development of Geocentric Spatial Language and Cognition: An Eco-cultural Perspective

Author(s) Pierre R. Dasen & Ramesh C. Mishra

2010, Cambridge University Press

  Click here to read an online review by Gustav Jahoda Egocentric spatial language uses coordinates in relation to our body to talk about small-scale space (‘put the knife on the right of the plate and the fork on the left’), while geocentric spatial language uses geographic coordinates (‘put the knife to the east, and…

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Families across cultures: A 30 nation psychological study

Author(s) James Georgas, John W. Berry, Fons J.R. van de Viljer, Cigdem Kagiticibasi & Ype H. Poortinga

2006, Cambridge University Press

This book address the issues of increased one-parent families, high divorce rates, second marriages and homosexual partnerships all in relationship to the variations in the traditional family structure.  The book examines how the function of the family has changes and the extent these changes have occurred throughout the world.   Table of Contents:   1.…

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