APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication

Author(s) David Matsumoto, Editor

2010, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

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Price US$79.95 | Pages 330 | ISBN 978-1-4338-0778-7

In today’s globalized world of international contact and multicultural interaction, effective
intercultural communication is increasingly a prerequisite for social harmony and
organizational success. The APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication illustrates
how the practical, problem-solving approach of applied linguistics can illuminate a range
of issues that arise in real-life intercultural interaction. Experts from a range of social
science disciplines, including psychology, applied linguistics, and anthropology, to
describe, analyze, and where possible, propose solutions to language-related problems.

This book presents theoretical and applied examinations of topics that have
contemporary relevance in intercultural settings, including power, dominance,
discrimination, social boundaries, taboos, conflict, and identity. Applied chapters cover
intercultural communication in school, work, and healthcare settings as well as in
intimate relationships, and in training environments.

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