Results of the 2014 Election of Officers and Regional Representatives

Following the conclusion of the 2014 election, we are pleased to welcome these new and returning members of the IACCP Executive Council:


President-Elect: Fons van de Vijver, Netherlands

Deputy Secretary-General (reelected): David Sam, Norway

Regional Representatives:

Europe Regional (seat 2) Representative: Aikaterini Gari, Greece

Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Regional Representative (reelected):Alejandra del Carmen 

North Africa and Middle East Regional Representative (reelected): Gabriel Horenczyk, Israel

North America (Canada seat) Regional Representative: Andrew Ryder

South America Regional Representative (reelected): Maria Cristina Ferreira, Brazil

South Asia Regional Representative: Purnima Singh, India

Southeast Asia Regional Representative: Ronnel King, Singapore

Regions not holding elections in 2014: East Asia, Insular Pacific, Subsaharan Africa, North America (USA seat), Europe (seat 1)

Click here for a list of current and historical EC members.

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