Results of the 2010 Election

The 2010 election of officers and regional representatives is completed.  The Executive Council decided in its 2008 Bremen meeting to move up the date of elections and announce the results as soon as possible so new EC members would be able to make plans to attend the two-day EC meeting the precedes each congress.
We are pleased to announce the winners of the election.

President: Yoshi Kashima
Deputy Secretary-General: Marta Fulop
Europe: Zeynep Aycan
South Asia: Minati Panda
Southeast Asia: Arief Darmanegara Liem
North America: Steven Heine
North Africa and Middle East: Gabriel Horenczyk
South America: Maria Cristina Ferreira
Mexico, Central America: Alejandra Dominguez Espinosa

You might also be interested to know the results of the straw poll on disciplinary identification and research methods.

Putting all of the complications and ambiguities aside, would you classify yourself as a (1) cross-cultural psychologist, (2) cultural psychologist, (3) both, or (4) neither or other? 
1:  42%
2: 13%
3: 34%
4: 11%


In your own research, do you prefer to use (1) quantitative methods, (2) qualitative methods, or (3) a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods? (4) don’t know/don’t care
1: 37%
2: 7%
3: 55%
4: 1%
These results are consistent with similar polls conducted in the three previous elections.

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