Lawrence Harrison to Deliver Lonner Lecture at Melbourne Congress

Lawrence Harrison, Director of the Cultural Change Institute at The Fletcher School, Tufts University, will deliver the 2010 Walter J. Lonner Distinguished Invited Lecture Series address in July, 2010 at the XX Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology to be held in Melbourne, Australia.

Professor Harrison has provided a reading list for those interested in his work (see below).
The Walter J. Lonner Distinguished Invited Lecture Series was created in 2004 in appreciation of the contributions of Walt Lonner to the discipline, including his founding, in 1970, of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.  The lecturer is chosen by IACCP presidents.  Previous Lonner Lecture addresses were delivered by Gustav Jahoda (2006, Spetstes, Greece) and Michael Tomasello (2008, Bremen, Germany).

Gustav Jahoda, Reflections on two of our early ancestors

Michael Tomasello: The human adaptation for culture

Lawrence Harrison web site:

Reading list:

The Central Liberal Truth: How Politics Can Change a Culture and Save It from Itself. Oxford University Press,  2006; editions licensed in Russian and Chinese

Developing Cultures: Essays On Cultural Change (co-editor with Jerome Kagan). Routledge, 2006

Developing Cultures: Case Studies (co-editor with Peter Berger). Routledge, 2006

Culture Matters–How Values Shape Human Progress (co-editor with Samuel Huntington), Basic Books, May 2000; editions licensed in Arabic, Chinese (2–Beijing and Taipei), Estonian, German, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese  (Brazil), Spanish (Argentina)

The Pan-American Dream. Basic Books, January 1997 (Spanish edition by Planeta/Ariel, Buenos Aires)

Who Prospers?–How Cultural Values Shape Economic and Political Success.  Basic Books, June 1992  (Chinese edition by Cheng Chung, Taipei; Spanish edition by REI, Buenos Aires; Russian edition by Moscow State University Higher School of Economics.)

Underdevelopment is a State of Mind–The Latin American Case.  Harvard Center for International Affairs and University Press of America, 1985, (There are five foreign language editions: four in Spanish–Playor, Madrid; LIMUSA, Mexico City; REI, Buenos Aires; Libro Libre, San Jos√©, Costa Rica; one in Portuguese–Record, Rio de Janeiro.)

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