The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures

Author(s) A. Timothy Church

2017, Praeger

The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures represents the first extensive treatment of cross-cultural research on personality in a multi-volume book set, providing readers with a comprehensive and engaging handbook on the topic. Volume 1, titled Trait Psychology across Cultures, focuses on the cross-cultural study of personality dispositions or traits, including the extent to which…

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The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity

Author(s) Veronica Benet-Martinez & Ying-Yi Hong

2014, Oxford

The volume addresses some important basic issues, such as measurement of multicultural identity, links between multilingualism and multiculturalism, the social psychology of multiculturalism and globalization, as well as applied issues such as multiculturalism in counseling, education, policy, marketing and organizational science, to mention a few. See Attachment section on this page to download the flyer…

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