Stellenbosch 2012 – Toward Sustainable Development through Nurturing Diversity

Author(s) L. T. B. Jackson, D. Meiring, F. J. R. Van de Vijver, E. S. Idemoudia, & W. K. Gabrenya Jr. (Eds.)

2014, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

| | ISBN 978-0-620-60283-9


A peer-revieved book based on presentations at the XXI Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2012, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Edited by Leon Jackson, Deon Meiring, Fons van de Vijver, Erhabor Idemudia & William Gabrenya


Editors Foreword
Christophe Leys, Sarah Miller,
Laurent Licata
Using Perception of Guilt to Assess the Level of Cultural Adoption of a Transgressor Belonging to an Ethnic Minority: Influence on Sentencing
Timothy Dean Keeley Psychological Traits Affecting Both Cultural Adaptation and Foreign Language Acquisition
Bruna Krimberg von Muhlen & Marlene Neves Strey Brands of Gender and Acculturation in Immigration Process of Second World War Survivors in Southern Brazil
Angelica Staniloiu & Hans J. Markowitsch High Prevalence of Dissociative Amnesia and Related Disorders in Immigrated People
Maja K. Schachner, Friedrich Schiller, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver, & Peter Noack Characteristics of the Country of Origin and Immigrant Children’s Psychological and Sociocultural School Adjustment
Leon T. B. Jackson & Dudley G. de Koker Negative Acculturation Conditions, Wellbeing, and the Mediating Role of Separation in the Workplace
Stanley O. Gaines, Jr. & Sarah C. White Developing Nations and Developing Surveys: Measuring Inner Wellbeing in Zambia and India, 2010-2013
Jia He, Alejandra del Carmen Dominguez Espinosa, Ype H. Poortinga, & Fons J. R. Van de Vijver Acquiescent and Socially Desirable Response Styles in Cross-Cultural Value Surveys
Sarah Flint & Kristen Pammer Principles of Test Development in Papua New Guinea
Alexei V. Matveev & Miwa Yamazaki Merz Intercultural Competence Assessment: What Are Its Key Dimensions Across Assessment Tools?
Berrin Özlem Otyakmaz  Maternal Expectations of Child Development in Two Cultural Groups in Germany
Widya Risnawaty, Sri Tiatri, Tjibeng Jap, & Sesilia Monika Could the Profile of Orphans Represent the Javanese Position in the Indulgence Versus Restraint Culture Dimension?
Marieke Christina van Egmond & Ulrich Kühnen Cultural Diversity in Meta-Cognitive Beliefs about Learning: Within-European Similarities and Differences?
Anjali Ghosh Emotional Display Rules of Visually and Hearing Impaired Students
Anna Chernaya Girls’ Plays with Dolls and Doll-Houses in Various Cultures
Sharon Glazer, Nina Hamedani,
Kristina Kayton &
Amy Weinberg
Culture Research Landscape Throughout the United States Department of Defense
Andrew A. Mogaji  Goal-Setting and Task Performance among Nigerian Managers in a Cross-Cultural Context
Anton Grobler & Renier Steyn A Psychometric Evaluation of the Integrity Profile 200 (IP 200) and the Adaptation Thereof for Use in the South African Police Service
Lesiba Baloyi & Molebogeng Makobe-Rabothata The African Conception of Death: A Cultural Implication
Jennifer Kyle Spirituality as a Predictor of Reduced Suicide Risk in a Religiously and Ethnically Diverse Youth Sample
Nkeke Lesolang The Role of Spiritual Faith Healers in Reducing or Reinforcing the HIV Stigma: A Qualitative Study
CONGRESS REPORT 2013 Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin
Deon Meiring, Leon Jackson, 

Cross-Cultural Psychology in the Rainbow Nation of Africa – Nurturing Diversity for Sustainable Development: Report of the XXI International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology