Gustav Jahoda, Early Founder of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Dead at 96

Gustav Jahoda and Walt Lonner 2006 Gustav Jahoda died in Glasgow at age 96. He was among the earliest cross-cultural psychologists in modern times, participating in the seminal Ibadan, Nigeria conference in 1967. His final address to IACCP was in Spetses, Greece in 2006.

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From Harry Triandis’ autobiography:

The [Ibadan] conference was organized by Herb Kelman and Henri Tajfel. The latter did not come because he was already sick. I met many well-known cross-cultural social psychologists such as Otto Kleinberg, M. Brewster Smith, Alastair Heron, Gustav Jahoda, Alastair Mundy Castle, Douglass Price-Williams, and Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero.

For a French language obituary written by Pierre Dasen for ARIC (Revue Internationale de la Recherche Interculturelle), click here. (Click on PLAIN √âCRAN at lower/right to view the article.)



Gustav supplied this photo of himself doing fieldwork in West Africa to the Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin many years ago. 

Gustav Jagoda in west Africa

Gustav delivering keynote address, Spetses, Greece 2006:

Gustav Jahoda 2006

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