Ernest Eduard Boesch Dies at 98

Ernest Eduard Boesch, a giant in the development of cultural psychology (the Saarbruecken School of Cultural Psychology), died on Saturday, 12 July.  Born 26 December 2016, he was mentor to many, including Paul Baltes and Lutz Eckensberger.  In 1958 he organized a small international conference in Bangkok.  It was probably the first conference dealing with cultural factors in human development.  He is survived by Supanee, his wonderful wife for  many years, and by his three children.  One of his two sons, Christophe, is a well-known primatologist and evolutionary anthropologist at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig.  It was an honor  and great pleqsure to have spent many hours with him and listening to his unique perspective on human thought qnd behavior.  His graciousness and depth of mind can never be overestimated.

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