The IACCP Youth Group is an initiative that developed during the recent IACCP PhD Summer School in Istanbul, Turkey. 40 students from around the world came together and discussed, planned and even conducted small studies addressing core issues in cross-cultural psychology. It was a short but amazing event that led to new friendships, research collaborations, interdisciplinary learning and innovative ideas. Having worked 24 hours on problems, there was still more than enough energy to dream up new projects like this youth blog. It will be a forum for students and young scholars to present their ideas and work and reach out to a wider public.

In order to make psychology meaningful, we have to talk to non-psychologists. We study so many interesting and useful phenomena around psychology and culture and we gain many insights that may be of interest and can inform policy makers and curious individuals around the world alike.

Next Generation Facebook Page

Click here to see the Facebook page maintained by the Youth Group.

Youth Group Blog

The Youth Group blog is now online. If you have ideas and find this initiative interesting, then get involved. We need YOUR ideas, creative juices and thoughts! We are exploring the best format of this blog, so become active and shape it in a way that it is informative, useful and interesting for anyone interested in psychology and culture!

Ron Fischer on behalf of the IACCP Youth Group Blogging Crew