New Interview Series of the IACCP

We conduct interviews with scholars in the IACCP to hear their personal stories, how they became interested in cross-cultural psychology, and how they got involved in the IACCP.

We start out with Purnima Singh, our Regional Representative for South Asia.

Purnima Singh tells how her professional journey was not only determined by own goals and interests but also by luck and destiny, that is, the right opportunities at the right time. The interview also highlights how her research over time circled back to her central topic about justice. Her work evolved from investigating consequences of justice to investigating justice in interpersonal context.

Purnima also highlights how scientists in the majority world (non-WEIRD countries) face different challenges for their career and how important capacity building is for researchers in such countries. She emphasizes that young scholars – especially in these non-WEIRD countries – need methodological training and publication support through strong mentorships and opportunities for encounters initiated by IACCP.

Follow the link below to watch the long version of this interview.

Follow the link above to watch the short version of this interview.