Regional Conference Travel Support Application

IACCP offers travel assistance to IACCP members (current, renewing, and new) to facilitate their attendance at the upcoming Regional Conference; the next one in 2023 is in Limerick. This Award is meant to, in particular, support members from the particular region that would otherwise not be represented at the conference.


Solidarity Outreach Scheme

The Solidarity Outreach Scheme (SOS) financially facilitates the participation of IACCP members who, for unexpected reasons, cannot cover expenses associated with attendance at international congresses (even numbered years) or regional conferences (odd numbered years).

The purpose of the SOS is to hold space when we gather annually for those that face unexpected difficulties. We cannot solve the difficulties as such, but we can stand in solidarity with our members.

Unexpected reasons are those that affect a country, region, or specific context in a particularly adverse manner (e.g., sudden inflation, natural disaster, conflict) and which is not a structurally foreseeable adversity (e.g., classification as a low-income nation).

The SOS is not intended to provide or respond to structural adversities. It intends to provide short-term relief for unexpected situations. For foreseeable financial difficulties in attending our conferences, including residing in a low-income nation as defined by the World Bank, we encourage our members to apply for the Witkin-Okonji Memorial Fund Award (international congress) and for Regional Conference Travel Support (regional conferences). The SOS is not designed for activities covered under other member support programs such as research grants (see

Witkin-Okonji Memorial Fund Award

The W-O Award is may cover travel/registration expenses in case of the bi-annual international IACCP Congresses. The IACCP solicits applications for these funds prior to each international Congress. For the bi-annual regional conferences a different a Award, the Travel Award is allocated. Both Awards are given on the basis of need and contribution to the Congress.