The witch who lost her marbles

Author(s) Mayer


| | ISBN 978-3741854354

“The witch who lost her marbles” is the story about the extraterrestrian Ngululu who uses his home, the temple of adventures at Blalocee, to travel through time and space. One day,  Ngululu jumps into his spaceship, spins around and lands in the middle of a hot, dry and vast desert. It is there, where he meets the clumpsy little witch, Emma, who is on her journey to collect her lost marbles. The witch, who had come all the way from South Africa, explores together with Ngululu the unknown continent. Together the two visit, Ayers Rock, meet indigenous owners of the land, have bite encounters with the crocodiles and play marbles at the Devil’s Marbles – will they in the end be able to bring the lost marbles home?

 A fictious story of intercultural encounters in a far-away-land for children between 6 to 9 years.