Bremen 2008 – Rendering Borders Obsolete: Cross-Cultural and Cultural Psychology as an Interdisciplinary, Multi-Method Endeavor

Author(s) Franziska Deutsch, Mandy Boehnke, Ulrich Kühnen & Klaus Boehnke


| | ISBN 978-0-9845627-2-5


Table of Contents

Chap. Authors (click on author to download as PDF) Title

1 Franziska Deutsch, Mandy Boehnke, Ulrich Kühnen, & Klaus Boehnke Can Happiness Change? An interdisciplinary, Multi-method Integration of the Dynamics of Happiness
2 Elaine Hatfield & Richard L. Rapson Culture and Passionate Love
3 Marianna Argiropoulou, Vassilis Pavlopoulos & Karen Quek Conflict Patterns Among Greek Couples: The Role of Values, Self-disclosure, and Relationship Satisfaction
4 Sofia Rivera-Aragon, Rolando Diaz-Loving, Pedro Wolfgang Velasco-Matus & Nancy Montero-Santamaria Jealousy and Infidelity among Mexican Couples
5 Paul G. Schmitz & John W. Berry Structure of Acculturation Attitudes and Their Relationships with Personality and Psychological Adaptation: A Study with Immigrant and National Samples in Germany
6 Jyoti Verma Host Acculturation Orientation: Some Preliminary Impressions of the French Students on Ethnic Minority Groups in Montpellier, S. France
7 Le Nhat Tran Vietnamese Students Abroad: A Research Framework
8 Wing Sze Leung & Shue Ying Ting Those Wonderful People Across the Sea: Positive Out-group Bias by Caucasians Toward Asians
9 Aksel Kirch, Tarmo Tuisk & Hanna-Hulda Reinkort Estonians and Russians in Contemporary Estonia: Is the Soviet Past Still Dominating the Present?
10 Shulamith Kreitler Meaning Correlates of Value Orientations
11 Kostas Mylonas, Aikaterini Gari, Penny Panagiotopoulou, Elli Georgiadi, Velichko Valchev, Sofia Papazoglou & Mariana Brkich Bias in Terms of Culture: Work Values Country-clustering for 33 European Countries and Person-job Fit Factor Equivalence Testing for Four European Countries
12 Erika Spieß & Christina Stroppa Social Support Networks on International Assignments
13 Nandita Babu Theory of Find Understanding in Narration: A Study among Children from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds in India
14 Penny Holding, Amina Abubakar, Elizabeth Obiero, Anneloes Van Baar & Fons J. R. Van de Vijver Validation of the Infant-Toddler HOME Inventory among Households in Low Income Communities at the Kenyan Coast
15 Diana Boer & Ronald Fischer The Functions of Music-listening Across Cultures: The Development of a Scale Measuring Personal, Social and Cultural Functions of Music
16 Jenny Lukito Setiawan The Xignificance of Positive Perceptions of Counseling in Willingness to Seek Counseling Help: An Indonesian Study
17 Randall Osborne, Paul Kriese, & John Davis It Can Be Taught: Explorations into Teaching the Foundations for Multicultural Effectiveness