Spetses 2006 – Quod Erat Demonstrandum: From Herodotus’ Ethnographic Journeys to Cross-Cultural Research

Author(s) Aikaterini Gari & Kostas Mylonas


| | ISBN 978-960-9405-07-2


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents (book)
2 Editors Introduction and Overview
3 Shalom H. Schwartz Causes of Culture: National Differences in Cultural Embeddedness
4 Gustav Jahoda Reflections on Two of Our Early Ancestors
5 Heidi Keller Cultures of Infancy. The Foundation of Developmental Pathways
6 John Adamopoulos From Homer to the 21st Century: Charting the Emergence of the Structure of Interpersonal Meaning
7 Rolando Diaz-Loving & Ignacio Lozano Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero: A Legacy of Psychological Creation and Research
8 John W. Berry & Walter J. Lonner The IACCP Archives Project
9 John G. Adair, Yoshi Kashima, Maria Regina Maluf & Janak Pandey Beyond Indigenization: International Dissemination of Research by Majority-World Psychologists
10 William K. Gabrenya Jr., Nathalie van Meurs & Ronald Fischer YouTube, the Internet and IACCP: Opportunities and Challenges for Cross-Cultural Psychology
11 Verónica Benet-Martínez & Fiona Lee Exploring the Consequences of Biculturalism: Cognitive Complexity
12 Annamária Lammel & Eduardo Márquez Comparative Study on Concept Construction for Violence, Intelligence and Religion in Early Adolescence in the Parisian Suburbs
13 Sylvie Chokron, Seta Kazandjian & Maria De Agostini Effects of Reading Direction on Visuospatial Organization: A Critical Review
14 Pierre R. Dasen, Nilima Changkakoti, Milena Abbiati, Shanta Niraula, Ramesh C. Mishra & Harold Foy Geocentric Gestures as a Research Tool
15 Olivier Le Guen Geocentric Gestural Deixis among Yucatec Maya (Quintana Roo, México)
16 Ronald Fischer, Johnny R. J. Fontaine, Fons J. R. van de Vijver & Dianne A. van Hemert An Examination of Acquiescent Response Styles in Cross-Cultural Research
17 Tobias K. Van Dijk, Femke Datema, Anne-Lieke J. H. F. Piggen, Stephanie C. M. Welten & Fons J. R. Van de Vijver Acquiescence and Extremity in Cross-National Surveys: Domain Dependence and Country-Level Correlates
18 Kostas Mylonas Reducing Bias in Cross-Cultural Factor Analysis through a Statistical Technique for Metric Adjustment: Factor Solutions for Quintets and Quartets of Countries
19 Amina Abubakar, Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Anneloes van Baar, Patricia Kitsao-Wekulo & Penny Holding Enhancing Psychological Assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa through Participant Consultation
20 Wenshu Luo & David Watkins Relating Self-Complexity to Coping and Adaptation with Chinese College Students: A New Measurement Perspective
21 Sipko E. Huismans & Wijbrandt H. van Schuur Taking Advantage of the Circular Structure of Human Values
22 Roger B. Sages & Jonas Lundsten Meaning Constitution Analysis: A Phenomenological Approach to Research in Human Sciences
23 Tejinder K. Billing et al. Temporal Orientation and its Relationships with Organizationally Valued Outcomes: Results from a 14 Country Investigation
24 Isabelle Albert, Gisela Trommsdorff & Lieke Wisnubrata Intergenerational Transmission of Values in Different Cultural Contexts: A Study in Germany and Indonesia
25 Aikaterini Gari, Kostas Mylonas & Penny Panagiotopoulou Dimensions of Social Axioms and Alternative Country-Clustering Methods
26 Alice Ramos & Jorge Vala Predicting Opposition towards Immigration: Economic Resources, Social Resources and Moral Principles
27 Félix Neto Are Attitudes of Young Portuguese towards Immigration also Hardening? A Comparison between 1999 and 2006
28 Edison Trickett, Irena Persky & Susan Ryerson Espino Acculturation Research: Proxies as Sources of Concept Obfuscation
29 Velichko Valchev & Fons J. R. van de Vijver National and European Identities of Bulgarian and Dutch Students
30 Rashmi Singla South Asians in Scandinavia: Diasporic Identity Processes
31 Ulrich Kühnen Culture, Self-construal and Social Cognition: Evidence from Cross-Cultural and Priming Studies
32 Howard B. Kaplan, Rachel E. Kaplan & Diane S. Kaplan Subcultural Influences on Self-attitudes: The Expression of Low Self-esteem in Race/ethnicity-, Age-, Gender-, Social class-, and Generation-differentiated Subgroups
33 Andrew C. H. Szeto, Richard M. Sorrentino, Satoru Yasunaga, Yasunao Otsubo & John Nezlek Uncertainty Orientation: A Theory of Self-Regulation Within and Across Cultures as Related to Cognition
34 Claudia López Becerra, Isabel Reyes Lagunes & Sofia Rivera Aragón Strategies of Friendship Maintenance
in Mexico: Gender Differences
35 Zuzanna Wisniewska & Pawel Boski Cultural Conception of Friendship: What do Ecuadorians and Poles Expect from a Friend?
36 Gregory T. Smith, Nichea S. Spillane & Agnes M. Stairs An Emerging Integration of Universal and Culturally Specific Psychologies and its Implications for the Study of Psychopathology
37 Richard N. Roberts Early Childhood Services and Supports in the Context of Cultural Community Psychology
38 Eric S. Mankowski, Gino Galvez & Nancy Glass Research and Action on Intimate Partner Violence: Interdisciplinary Convergence of Cultural Community Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology
39 Vassos Gavriel Developing Social Policy in a Multi-Cultural Setting: the Role of Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology
40 Penny Panagiotopoulou, Aikaterini Gari & Sophia Christakopoulou Dimensions of Well-Being: A Cross-Cultural Study in European Neighborhoods
41 Genevieve F. Nelson, Jasmine Green, Dennis M. McInerney, Martin Dowson & Andrew C. Schauble Education in Cross-Cultural Settings: Psychological Underpinnings of Achievement in Papua New Guinea
42 Thomas Demaria & Minna Barrett Innovative Disaster Counseling Approaches with Children and Youth