Human Autonomy in Cross-Cultural Context: Perspectives on the Psychology of Agency, Freedom, and Well-Being

Author(s) Valery Chirkov, Richard Ryan, & Kennon Sheldon (Eds.)

2010, Springer


Price $139 | Pages 283 | ISBN 978-9048196661



Introduction. The Struggle for Happiness and Autonomy in Personal and Cultural contexts: An Overview

Valery I. Chirkov, Kennon M. Sheldon, and Richard M. Ryan

Part 1. A Theoretical Context of Human Autonomy, People’s Well-Being, and Happiness

1. Positive Psychology and Self-Determination Theory: A Natural Interface

Kennon M. Sheldon and Richard M. Ryan 

2. A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Social, Institutional, Cultural, and Economic Supports for Autonomy and their Importance for Well-being

Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci 

3. Dialectical Relationships among Human Autonomy, the Brain, and Culture

Valery I. Chirkov 

Part II. Human autonomy across cultures and domains of life: health, education, interpersonal relationships, and work

4. The Role of Autonomy in Promoting Healthy Dyadic, Familial, and Parenting Relationships across Cultures

C. Raymond Knee and Ahmet Uysal

5.  Do Social Institutions Necessarily Suppress Individuals’ Need for Autonomy? The Possibility of Schools as Autonomy Promoting Contexts across the Globe

Johnmarshall Reeve and Avi Assor

6.  Well-being, Physical Health, and Personal Autonomy

Geoffrey Williams, Pedro J. Teixeira, Eliana Carraca, and Ken Resnicow

7. Autonomy in the Workplace: An Essential Ingredient to Employee Engagement and Well-Being in Every Culture

Marylène Gagné and Devasheesh Bhave

Part III.  Human autonomy in modern economy, democracy development, and sustainability

8. Capitalism and Autonomy

Tim Kasser

9. Economy, People’s Personal Autonomy, and Well-Being

Maurizio Pugno

10. The Development of Conceptions of Personal Autonomy, Rights and Democracy and their Relation to Psychological Well-Being  

Charles C. Helwig and Justin McNeil

11.  Personal Autonomy and Environmental Sustainability

Luc G. Pelletier, Daniel Baxter, and Veronika Huta