Family, self, and human development across cultures: Theory and applications (2nd ed.)

Author(s) Cigdem Kagitcibasi

2007, Lawrence Erlbaum

| Pages 496 | ISBN 805857761


Reflecting author √áigdem Kagitcibasi’s influential work over the last two decades, this new edition examines human development, the self, and the family in a cultural context. It challenges the existing assumptions in mainstream western psychology about the nature of individuals. The author proposes a new model‚-the ‚”Autonomous-Related Self‚”‚-which expands on existing theory by demonstrating how culture influences self development. The development of competence is examined from a contextual perspective, with a view towards global urbanization which is creating increasingly similar lifestyles around the world. The implications of this perspective are discussed extensively, particularly early intervention policy implications related to promoting human competence in immigration and acculturation. Rich in both theory and application, each topic is introduced with a historical antecedent and earlier research before current work is discussed.