Discovering cultural psychology: A profile and selected readings of Ernest E. Boesch

Author(s) Walter J. Lonner & Susanna A. Hayes (Eds.)

2007, Information Age Publishing

Price US$73.99 (hb), US$39.99 (p) | Pages 370 | ISBN (hb): 978-1-59311-747-4; (p): 978-1-59311-747-7


Published as a volume in the series entitled ‚”Advances in Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development‚”, series editor Jaan Valsiner describes the book as ‚”a landmark in contemporary cultural psychology‚”.  Ernest E. Boesch is a pioneer in cultural psychology and founder of the so-called Saarbr√ºcken School of Cultural Psychology.  Part I consists of four chapters that trace Boesch’s ‚”journey of discovery‚” in which he gradually constructed his unique Symbolic Action Theory and contributed in many other ways to the literature in cultural psychology.  Part II features a sampling of 11 of his most penetrating and interesting writings on a variety of topics of enduring interest.  The main intent of the book is to explain to all scholars who study the interface between psychology and culture the nature and scope of Boesch’s life and contributions to a field in which he has been involved for more than half a century.