Culture, Organizations, and Work

The SpringerBriefs Series in Culture, Organizations, and Work publishes fully developed
conceptual pieces that focus on current state-of-the-art topics and research on the
interface between culture, organizations and work. The series aims to expand upon key
concepts, theories, or ideas that require more development than a typical journal article
permits, but still do not require a full-length book. We encourage authors to disentangle
issues that have created confusion or have had little attention in research and application.
Submissions should forward issues in work and organizations from an international,
multinational, cross-cultural, intercultural, and/or cultural perspectives. Published papers
should also provide guidance for applying research findings in practice. Topics should
focus on all kinds of cultures, organizations, and work situations. The level of analysis is
open and we also encourage cross-level conceptual pieces. Papers may include some
empirical evidence, but it is not a forum for preparing a longer journal type manuscript.
Importantly, this series aims to publish papers from around the globe and support views
of culture, organizations, and work from different cultural lenses. We strive to make
the series accessible and relevant to practitioners and academic scholars, including
graduate students, who wish to dive deeper into topics that are currently not represented
sufficiently in other publications.


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