Cultural transmission: Psychological, developmental, social, and methodological aspects

Author(s) Ute Schönpflug (Ed.)

2008, Cambridge University Press

Price $37 | Pages 512 | ISBN 521706572

Table of Contents

1. General introduction to cultural transmission: developmental psychological, social and methodological aspects – Ute Schönpflug
2. Cultural transmission: a short history of research and theory – Ute Schönpflug
Part I. Evolutionary Perspective:
3. Cultural transmission: a view from chimpanzees and human infants  – Michael Tomasello

4. Transmission, self-organization and the emergence of language: a dynamic systems point of view – Paul van Geert
5. Relationship-specific intergenerational family ties: an evolutionary approach to the structure of cultural transmission – Harald A. Euler, Sabine Hoier and Percy A. Rohde

Part II. Cross-Cultural Perspective:
6. An ecocultural perspective on cultural transmission: the family across cultures  – John W. Berry and James Georgas
7. Intergenerational relations and cultural transmission  – Gisela Trommsdorff
8. Intergenerational transmission, social capital and interethnic contact in immigrant families – Bernhard Nauck
9. Developmental processes related to intergenerational transmission of culture: growing up with two cultures in the U.S.A. – Amado M. Padilla
10. The transmission process: mechanisms and contexts – Ute Schönpflug and Ludwig Bilz
11. Accounting for parent-child value congruence: theoretical considerations and empirical evidence – Ariel Knafo and Shalom H. Schwartz
12. Culture, migration, and family value socialization: a theoretical model and empirical investigation with Russian immigrant youth in Israel – Ariel Knafo, Avi Assor, Shalom H. Schwartz and Limor David
13. Immigrant parents’ age expectations for the development of their adolescent offspring: transmission effects and changes after immigration – Eva Schmitt-Rodermund and Rainer K. Silberseisen

Part III. Intracultural Variations:
14. Intergenerational transmission of moral capital across the family life course – Merril Silverstein and Stephen J. Conroy
15. Similarity of life goals in the family: a three-generations study Alexander Grob and Wibke Weisheit;
16. The intergenerational transmission of xenophobia and rightism in East Germany Bernd Six, Kristina Geppert and – Ute Schönpflug
17. Intergenerational transmission of violence – Haci-Halil Uslucan and Urs Fuhrer
18. ‘Don’t trust anyone over 25’: youth centrism, intergenerational transmission of political orientations and cultural change – Tom ter Bogt, Wim Meeus, Quinten Raaijmakers, Frits van Wel and Wilma Vollebergh
19. Value transmission and Zeitgeist revisited – Klaus Boehnke, Andreas Hadjar and Dirk Baier
20. Epilogue: towards a model of cultural transmission – Ute Schönpflug.