Climate, Affluence, and Culture

Author(s) Evert Van de Vliert

2009, Cambridge University Press.

Price $85.00 | Pages 256 | ISBN 9780521517874


About the Book
Everyone, everyday, everywhere has to cope with climatic cold or heat to satisfy survival needs, using money. This point of departure led to a decade of innovative research on the basis of the tenet that climate and affluence influence each other’s impact on culture. Evert Van de Vliert discovered survival cultures in poor countries with demanding cold or hot climates, self-expression cultures in rich countries with demanding cold or hot climates, and easygoing cultures in poor and rich countries with temperate climates. These findings have implications for the cultural consequences of global warming and local poverty. Climate protection and poverty reduction are used in combination to sketch four scenarios for shaping cultures, from which the world community has to make a principal and principled choice soon.
Table of Contents
Part I. Introduction: 1. Creators of culture;
Part II. Climate, Cash, and Work: 2. Climate colors life satisfaction; 3. Cash compensates for climate; 4. Work copes with context;
Part III. Survival, Cooperation, and Organization: 5. Survival, self-expression, and easygoingness; 6. Cooperation; 7. Organization;
Part IV. Conclusion: 8. Bird’s-eye views of culture;
Appendix A. Climate indices.