IACCP Statement against Racism

The International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) condemns racism and discrimination in any form and at any level in a society and in an organization. We believe that a society or an institution that is based on preferential treatment, inequality, and privilege for some people at the expense of others is unjust and harmful. As an academic, professional, and educational association, we strive for mutual respect, equitable access to power, and developing polices and structures that produce equal opportunity to all members. Furthermore, as an association with membership currently from 63 countries, we believe diversity and inclusion are our strengths that help us thrive and succeed.  

We use this opportunity to reflect on our own practices and policies. We, therefore, have developed the following deliverable action:

  1. Establish an Anti-Racism Committee consisting of representatives of 10 regions (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa; North Africa and Middle East; Central and Southern Africa; Insular Pacific; South Asia; East Asia; South East Asia; Europe; Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and North America). We encourage self-nomination in addition to being nominated by another member. The nominee and the nominator have to be in a good standing of the IACCP. The Anti-Racism Committee will work closely with the IACCP Executive Council. A call for nominations will go out by August 15, 2020.
  2. Seek student member representatives from BIPOC group (Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour). It is anticipated that student member representatives will participate in the Anti-Racism Committee. A call for nominations will go out by August 15, 2020.

Provide more opportunities to BIPOC members and support BIPOC students through our educational wing (Culture and Psychology School) and through mentorship. We will be working closely with the Culture and Psychology School Committee to develop a model to meet this objective.

In sum, we stand in solidarity with the recent global movement against anti-Black and any form of racism against any group of human beings. We commit to working with our members to achieve the above goals.



Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General

Culture and Psychology School Committee, Chair

Communication and Publication Committee, Chair