IACCP emergency fund for conference attendance from Lebanon

In the light of the severe and sudden national economic crisis in Lebanon, IACCP wants to help, even if it is only in a small way. We waive your conference and one year membership fee. We see you and we hold space for you at our conference.

If you are from Lebanon and want to join the conference (www.iaccp2020.com/), please contact Mustafa Achoui (mustafait@hotmail.com) and/or Michael Bender (m.bender@uvt.nl) so we can arrange the fee waiver. Please include your name and address.

There are more unexpected crises that we may not know of. The Executive Council of the IACCP has decided to establish a recurring Solidarity Outreach Scheme to help others in similar situations going forward. We want to have this in place before the next conference.

Members, please join our efforts in setting up this scheme and other activities. We can only do this together. Contact your regional representatives (see here: https://www.iaccp.org/about-us/#officers) and/or the membership committee (via Anat Bardi, Anat.Bardi@rhul.ac.uk), to get involved.
Please share!
Colleen Ward, President of the IACCP