IACCP announces SPARK Grant Recipients

The IACCP’s new SPARKS Grants Committee is excited to issue their very first award announcements! CONGRATULATIONS to our five teams of winners, who were each awarded up to USD$1000 to implement their amazing projects.

SPARK grants are aimed at supporting activities enhancing the visibility of the IACCP and cross-cultural psychology, and spark awareness, build local capacity, and spark networking among cross-cultural psychologists across or within regions.

We congratulate all recipients and their teams, and are looking forward to hearing about their activities!

  • Pallavi Ramanathan  & Madhumita Ramakrishna: “SPARKing Research and Collaboration in SAARC Nations”
  • Mai Thi Ngoc Vu & Tue Nhi Nguyen: “Parental Expectations and Students’ Academic Well-being – A Cross-Cultural Perspective between Asia-Pacific and Western Countries”
  • Andrian Liem: “The experience of stigma and coping among marginalized students in three South-East Asian countries: A cross-cultural understanding”
  • Rawan Ghazzawi: “Emic Perspectives on Employee Agency”
  • Plamen Akaliyski: “Culture & Values Interdisciplinary Webinar Series”

The SPARK grants will be available again in March 2023

For any questions, contact us!

IACCP SPARK Grants Committee:

Emma Buchtel, buchtel@eduhk.hk 

Lusine Grigoryan, lusine.grigoryan@rub.de

Michael Bender, m.bender@tilburguniversity.edu

Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, natasza.kosakowska@ug.edu.pl (chair)

Purnima Singh, purnima125@hotmail.com