Kwok Leung Research Award

Kwok Leung (1958-2015) died unexpectedly at age 57. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois as one of Harry Triandis' many successful students. He served most recently as Chair Professor, Department of Management City University of Hong Kong.

During his short life he made a highly significant contribution to cross-cultural research and to the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology. He served as symposium organizer at numerous IACCP conferences, he was Regional Representative for East Asia on the Executive Commitee of IACCP, he served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology and he was President of IACCP from 2010-2012. He also helped found the Asian Association for Social Psychology. He was not only a gifted social scientist but, according to those colleagues who knew him personally, he had a "beautiful mind and a deeply caring heart.”

After he passed away, the Executive Council of IACCP initiated a research award in memory of Kwok Leung's service to the field and to cross-cultural science.  The award is given to post-graduate students at the Culture and Psychology Summer School to foster cross-cultural psychological research for the next generation.


IACCP invites applications for the third round of the IACCP Spark Grants.

These grants are aimed at supporting activities that will enhance the visibility of the IACCP and cross-cultural psychology, and:

  • spark awareness and interest in cross-cultural psychology (among academics, practitioners, the community)
  • build local capacity and access to resources for conducting cross-cultural research
  • spark networking among cross-cultural psychologists across or within regions

IACCP invites applications for the third round of the IACCP Spark Grants. Application deadline: May 31.