Early Career Award

Early career researchers’ contributions are critical for the health and growth of cross-cultural psychology. Their research inspires not only more established researchers, but also sets a standard of excellence and provides examples for aspiring researchers.  An Award for Early Career Contributions to Cross-Cultural Psychology has been established to honor researchers at an early stage of their careers for their outstanding contributions to knowledge generation, dissemination and application for cross-cultural psychology primarily through research, but also through teaching of cross-cultural psychology and service to the field given the available opportunities.



Honorary Fellows of IACCP

 John W. Berry  Walter J. Lonner
 Deborah L. Best David Matsumuto
 Michael H. Bond Ruth H. Munroe
 Jerome Bruner Charles E. Osgood
 John L. M. Dawson Janak Pandey
 James Georgas Ype Poortinga
 Michelle Gelfand Marshall Segall
 Patricia Greenfield Shalom Schwartz
 Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero Durganand Sinha
 Geert Hofstede Peter B. Smith
 Gustav Jahoda Harry C. Triandis
 Cigdem Kagitcibasi Fons van de Vijver
 Daphne M. Keats Colleen Ward
 Heidi Keller Herman Witkin

Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award

The purpose of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology is to promote and facilitate research in the areas of culture and psychology. The IACCP believes that it is important to encourage high quality intercultural research at the predoctoral level. The Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award is intended to honor and reward good research and to advance the early careers of dedicated researchers. Support for the award is provided by the Harry and Pola Triandis Fund that was established in 1997 (see Bulletin, June, 1997).

The Walter J. Lonner Distinguished Lecture Series

The Walter J. Lonner Distinguished Invited Lecture Series was created in 2004 in appreciation of the contributions of Walt Lonner to the discipline, including his founding, in 1970, of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
The Lecture is delivered at the biennial International Congresses of IACCP. Previous lecturers include:
2022 online: Pippa Norris
2020 (in 2021 online): Ara Norenzayan
2018 Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Sandra Jovchelovitch
2016 Nagoya, Japan: Lawrence Kirmaier
2014 Reims, France: Daniel Everett
2012 Stellenbosch, South Africa: Scott Atran
2010 Melbourne, Australia: Lawrence Harrison
2008 Bremen, Germany: Michael Tomasello
2006 Spetses, Greece: Gustav Jahoda

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award has been established to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the Association’s organizational goals and development, including but not limited to IACCP events, functions, administration, and external relations.