Opening Ceremony, Reims 2014, Notre-Dame Cathedral

Mouni Kouidri (local organizing committee), Christine Roland-Lévy (Congress President), Yoshi Kashima (IACCP President), Patrick Denoux (Congress Vice-President) [larger image] [Video of event]

2014 Congress Dinner-Dance, Reims, France

Dancing after the Congress Dinner, Reims, 2014. [Larger image]

Husband of Former Secretary-General Josie Naidoo Passes Away

Dr. James Leslie, husband of IACCP Secretary-General Dr. Josie Naidoo (1994-1996), passed away in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on May 29, 2015. Jim was a physicist at the University of Waterloo.

Kwok Leung Passes Away in Hong Kong

Former IACCP President, eminent social scientist, and friend, Kwok Leung (梁覺) passed away on May 25 in Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong after a two and half month long illness.

Call for Proposals for 2019 and 2020 conferences

IACCP invites proposals for hosting our 2019 regional conference and our 2020 international Congress.

New Facebook Group

The IACCP now has two Facebook pages:

"International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP)" - for all IACCP members


Member News

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Recent Member Books


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