Early Career Award

Early career researchers’ contributions are critical for the health and growth of cross-cultural psychology. Their research inspires not only more established researchers, but also sets a standard of excellence and provides examples for aspiring researchers.  An Award for Early Career Contributions to Cross-Cultural Psychology has been established to honor researchers at an early stage of their careers for their outstanding contributions to knowledge generation, dissemination and application for cross-cultural psychology primarily through research, but also through teaching of cross-cultural psychology and service to the field given the available opportunities.





Inspired by discussions with IACCP regional representatives, the International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology has launched IACCP Spark Grants.

IACCP seeks to provide small grants to support cross-cultural researchers at all levels.

These grants are aimed at supporting activities that will enhance the visibility of the IACCP and cross-cultural psychology, and:

  • spark awareness and interest in cross-cultural psychology (among academics, practitioners, the community)
  • build local capacity and access to resources for conducting cross-cultural research
  • spark networking among cross-cultural psychologists across or within regions

Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award

The purpose of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology is to promote and facilitate research in the areas of culture and psychology. The IACCP believes that it is important to encourage high quality intercultural research at the predoctoral level. The Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award is intended to honor and reward good research and to advance the early careers of dedicated researchers. Support for the award is provided by the Harry and Pola Triandis Fund that was established in 1997 (see Bulletin, June, 1997).

Kwok Leung Research Award

Kwok Leung (1958-2015) died unexpectedly at age 57. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois as one of Harry Triandis' many successful students. He served most recently as Chair Professor, Department of Management City University of Hong Kong.

During his short life he made a highly significant contribution to cross-cultural research and to the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology. He served as symposium organizer at numerous IACCP conferences, he was Regional Representative for East Asia on the Executive Commitee of IACCP, he served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology and he was President of IACCP from 2010-2012. He also helped found the Asian Association for Social Psychology. He was not only a gifted social scientist but, according to those colleagues who knew him personally, he had a "beautiful mind and a deeply caring heart.”

After he passed away, the Executive Council of IACCP initiated a research award in memory of Kwok Leung's service to the field and to cross-cultural science.  The award is given to post-graduate students at the Culture and Psychology Summer School to foster cross-cultural psychological research for the next generation.

During the Summer School, students have an opportunity to discuss research proposals on the role of culture in psychology. The resulting proposals could be collaborative or individual. The following information is required:

1) Title of project

2) What is the issue you would like to explore and where would you like to study it? (1-2 paragraphs)

3) What are your ideas concerning how you would design your project? (1-2 paragraphs)

4) How does your project relate to what you learned in the IACCP Summer School? (1-2 paragraphs)

5) Who would be your mentor? (Select either someone at your home university or one of the summer school instructors.)

6) itemized budget, with the maximum budget of $1500.


The proposals are due on the last day of the conference.

It is expected that the Award recipients present their research findings at the next IACCP Congress or the Regional Conference. Reimbursement for travel and conference expenses would be provided at that time.

The adjudicating committee consists of C&P School instructors, Saba Safdar, as the Chair of C&P School committee, and one more member of the C&P committee.


Regional Conference Travel Support Application

IACCP offers travel assistance to IACCP members (current, renewing, and new) to facilitate their attendance of the upcoming Regional Conference, the next one is planned for 2023. Travel awards are meant to, in particular, support members from the particular region that would otherwise not be represented at the conference.

The President-Elect is Chair of the Travel Grant Committee.

Witkin-Okonji Memorial Fund Award

The W-O Award is may cover travel/registration expenses in case of the bi-annual international IACCP Congresses. The IACCP solicits applications for these funds prior to each international Congress. For the bi-annual regional conferences a different a Award, the Travel Award is allocated. Both Awards are given on the basis of need and contribution to the Congress.

Honorary Fellows of IACCP

 John W. Berry Ruth H. Munroe
 Deborah L. Best Charles E. Osgood
 Michael H. Bond Janak Pandey
 Jerome Bruner Ype Poortinga
 John L. M. Dawson Marshall Segall
 James Georgas Shalom Schwartz
 Michelle Gelfand Durganand Sinha
 Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero Peter B. Smith
 Geert Hofstede Harry C. Triandis
 Gustav Jahoda Colleen Ward
 Cigdem Kagitcibasi Herman Witkin
 Daphne M. Keats Fons van de Vijver
 Heidi Keller David Matsumuto
 Walter J. Lonner