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Truth in Advertising: Don't assume a clear relationship between the course title and the course content. The term "cross-cultural" is used very loosely in these course titles.

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General Cross-Cultural/Cultural Courses (undergraduate and graduate)
Bilge Ataca Culture and Psychology Bogazici University, Turkey
Mera M. Atlis & Yulia Chentsova-Dutton

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology
See also: Web site

University of Minnesota USA
Paul Camic Cultural Psychology Columbia College Chicago, USA
Graham Davidson Cross-Cultural Psychology Central Queensland University, Australia
Mark Freeman Cross-Cultural Psychology Drew University, USA
Bill Gabrenya Culture & Psychology (web site) Florida Tech, USA
Steven Heine Cultural Psychology University of Pennsylvania, USA
Cigdem Kagitcibasi Culture and Behavior Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Phil Kingsley Cross-Cultural Psychology Blufton College, USA
Walt Lonner Psychology and Culture Western Washington University, USA
Jasmin-Tahmaseb McConatha Cross-Cultural Psychology West Chester University, USA
Ashleigh Merritt Cross-Cultural Psychology University of Texas, USA
Batja Mesquita Cross-Cultural Psychology Wake Forest University, USA
Shalom Schwartz Cross-Cultural Psychology The Hebrew University, Israel
Carolyn Simmons Cross-Cultural Psychology Univ. of North Carolina - Wilmington USA
Ted Singelis Cross-Cultural Psychology California State University - Chico, USA
Peter Smith Cross-Cultural Psychology University of Sussex, U.K.
Nan Sussman Cross-Cultural Psychology The College of Staten Island, CUNY, USA
Forrest Tyler Cross-Cultural Psychology University of Marylan,d USA
Fons Van Der Vijver Gedrag in culturele context Tilburg University, Netherlands
Colleen Ward Cross-Cultural Theory and Methods in Psychology Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Developmental Courses  
Chuangsheng Chen Human Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective Univ. California - Irvine, USA
Harry Gardiner Cross-Cultural Human Development University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, USA
Uwe Gielen The Human Life-Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Seminar) St. Francis College, USA
Patricia Greenfield Culture and Human Development Univ. of California-Los Angeles, USA
Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler Child Development in Cultural Context Elon University, North Carolina, USA

Industrial/Organizational Courses  
Nan Sussman Cross-cultural Issues in the Globalization of Organizations The College of Staten Island, CUNY USA

Counseling, Health Courses  
Francis Aboud International Health Psychology McGill University, USA
Jeff King Multicultural Counseling: Issues for Individuals and Families Univ. of Colorada-Denver, USA
Norm Sundberg & Libby Schaughency

Seminar: Cross-Cultural Psychology: Clinical and Community Applications

University of Oregon, USA
Joseph Trimble Seminar in Cross-Cultural Counseling Western Washington University, USA

Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Interaction, Ethnic Identity Courses
Chuck Hill Diverse Identities Whittier College, California, USA
Colleen Ward Intercultural Encounters Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Gender, Emotion    
Joseph Trimble Culture, Gender, and Emotion Western Washington University, USA


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