Graduate Programs in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Education

Compiled by Carolyn Simmons, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA

Carolyn Simmons compiled this information from inquiries on listservers and other sources. If you have additional information of this kind, please contact the editor or Carolyn (address at end).

Graduate Education in Cross-Cultural Psychology or Cultural Psychology and What To Do With It When Completed by Walter Lonner, Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Western Washington University


University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Graduate diploma in mental health sciences (transcultural mental health) for health care professionals working in the mental health field who want to develop their understanding and clinical or research skills in working with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Entry is open to graduates with degrees in psychiatry, medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, occupational therapy or another relevant discipline.


McGill University, Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry, 1033 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1A1, Canada 398-4176.
M.Sc. in psychiatry, with a focus on transcultural psychiatry, to develop research skills in students with a background in psychiatry, psychology, or other health or social sciences. Applicants should have undergraduate education in a discipline relevant to transcultural psychiatry, basic knowledge of statistics, and demonstrated excellence in academic work and research ability. Students will take courses in anthropology, epidemiology or other areas to complement their background.

University of Saskatchewan, Department of Psychology, Culture and Human Development Graduate Program

Culture and Human Development Graduate Program, Department of Psychology, 9 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5A5
Contact: Program Coordinator at

The Netherlands

Department of Psychology, Tilburg University

Tilburg, The Netherlands
Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Psychology

P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands
Contact: Ype H. Poortinga ( or Fons J. R. van de Vijver (
Additional information is also available at the Tilburg University Cross-Cultural Psychology web site:

New Zealand

Victoria University, School of Psychology

Wellington, New Zealand
Master's degree in cross-cultural psychology


Warsaw School of Social Psychology

5 year Masters Degree and 4 year Ph.D. programs in Psychology of Intercultural Relations
Courses are offered in English and in Polish
Warsaw School of Social Psychology, 03-815 Warsaw Poland

Contact: Pawel Boski, Professor and Director (
Tel. 48 22- 517-9812 (Polish) (English)

United Kingdom

University of Luton

Park Square, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3JU, United Kingdom
MSc, Psychology and Culture
Contact: Dr. Guida de Abreu,

Brunel University - London

MSc Cross-Cultural Psychology - Brunel University
Contact: Robin Goodwin

United States

California School of Professional Psychology-San Diego

6160 Cornerstone Court East, San Diego, CA 92121. (858) 623-2777
Psy.D. degree in culture and human behavior. (Director: Dr. Billy Vaughn)
Ph.D. programs in industrial-organizational and consulting psychology; Master's programs in industrial-organizational psychology and organizational behavior
(Contact: Dr. Bernardo M. Ferdman
A number of faculty members focus their research and professional interests on diversity and cross-cultural issues

East-West Center, Office of Student Affairs and Open Grants

1777 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96848.
Graduate work and research, scholarships; no degrees granted.University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Psychology2430 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI, 96822; (808) 956-8414
Ph.D. in social-personality with concentration in cross-cultural psychology.

University of Chicago, Department of Psychology, Committee on Human Development

5848 S. University Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. (312) 702-8861.
Ph.D. program of research and graduate study in cross cultural studies (including psychological anthropology and cultural psychology)

Boston College, Department of Psychology

McGuinn Hall 301 Chestnut Hill, M.A. 02467; (617) 552-4100.
Ph.D. in cultural psychology.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

111 Longfellow Hall, Appian Way, Cambridge, MA 02138.
M.A. and doctoral degrees in education. Students choosing the Human Development and Psychology option can concentrate in the area of comparative human development or the acquisition of language and culture.

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Program for Psychocultural studies, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Social Psychiatry, Center for the Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary, non-degree program
Dr. Tom Weisner, Coordinator         
740 Westwood Plaza, Room C8-881 NPI, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1759
Tel.: 310-824-0040

University of Michigan, Departments of Anthropology and Psychology

Ann Arbor MI 48109.
Contact Richard E. Nisbett, Department of Psychology (313) 764-0328 or Dr. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld, Department of Anthropology or psychology or dual degrees in both disciplines.

University of Mississippi, Department of PsychologyUniversity, MS 38677. Ph.D. in Experimental psychology with an emphasis in cross-cultural social psychology. Contact Dan landis at (601) 232-7383 or email

Syracuse University, School of Education

Syracuse, NY 13244; (315) 443-2266.
M.S. in counselor education with a concentration in multicultural counseling.

University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

M.S.Ed. in intercultural communication, with coursework in linguistics, anthropology, psychology. Supervised internship in social service agency, school, or business setting.

University of Texas-El Paso; Department of Psychology

El Paso, TX, 79968-0587. (915) 747-5551
Ph.D. with concentration in health psychology or human behavior in organizations. Many faculty are conducting cross-cultural research.

Washington State University, Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology

Pullman, WA, 99164-2131. (509) 335-9117.
Ed.M./M.A. and Ph.D. in counseling psychology with emphasis on multicultural counseling.

Western Washington University, Department of Psychology

Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 650-3184.
M.A. in general psychology and M.S. in mental health counseling with emphasis on cross-cultural counseling.

University of Hawai'i, Department of Psychology

Ph.D. in Community and Cultural Psychology

University of Alaska-Fairbanks and University of Alaska-Anchorage, Psychology Departments

Ph.D. program in Clinical-Community Psychology with rural, indigenous emphasis

TIP: also consider applying to social psychology programs which have faculty with cross-cultural psychology research interests.
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