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Allied Societies, Friends and Helpful Links


Society for Cross-Cultural Research - SCCR (Annual Meeting, February)

International Academy for Intercultural Research - IAIR (Biennial Conference - 2013, 2015...)

International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development - ISSBD (Biennial Meeting, 2012, 2014...)

International Association for Applied Psychology - IAAP (International Congress of Applied Psychology - ICAP - 2014, 2018...)

International Union of Psychological Science - IUPsyS (International Congress of Psychology - ICP - 2012, 2016...)

Interamerican Society of Psychology - SIP [Sociedad interamericana de psicologia]

European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology - EAWOP

Society for Research in Child Development - SCRD (Biennial Meeting, 2013, 2015...)

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