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News from the Melbourne 2010 Congress CPC Meeting

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Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

JCCP will commence publishing 8 issues per year in 2011. Book reviews wil no longer be published in JCCP in order to provide more space for articles. Over 5000 institutions include JCCP in their electronic holdings, resulting in 185,000 paper downloads in 2009. David Matumoto will serve as Editor until 2012.

Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin

Bill Gabrenya, Bulletin Editor, will step down in 2011 and a new editor will be sought.

Online Readings in Psychology and Culture

The ORPC became the property of IACCP in 2008 and is now published on the IACCP website at http://orpc.iaccp.org.  An editor and editorial board will be formed in 2010.


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