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The Africans

Year Released: 
Type of Material: 
Documentary film


S. Burlington, VT : Annenberg/CPB Project. Originally shown as a series of PBS television programs that first aired in October 1986. 9 videocassettes. Contents: 1-2. The nature of a continent. A legacy of lifestyles --3-4. New gods. Tools of exploitation -- 5-6. New conflicts. In search of stability -- 7-8. A garden of Eden in decay? A clash of cultures -- 9. Global Africa.. I also published some suggestions for an extended class exercise using one of the installments in the video series, 'The Africans' (Video 8, "A Clash of Cultures") in that collection of exercises for intercultural courses that Sage published a couple of years ago, edited by Ted Singelis. (My chapter suggests a way of using videos to illustrate Berry and Kim's 4 modes of acculturation, and it can be adapted to other videos.)

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