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Instructions for Members

Members of IACCP may post various kinds of material to this site.  After logging in (which you have already done), click on items in this menu group.  For some types of content, you can add material directly to the site.  For other types, you will see a submission form.

Directly adding content

For types of content that can be added directly, you will see a page that includes a form on which the several components of the content are entered.  Most components or fields will be in a text-formatting field with some of the formatting options of a word processor (but not quite as smooth).  Some directions are on the form.  If you would like to add an image, please send it to the webmaster.

Submitting content

For types of content that must be added by the webmaster, fill out the form.  You can add a note to the webmaster with additional information or instructions.  The webmaster will use your information to create the item for the website.

Change your address, email, interests in the member directory

After logging in, click on "Pay Dues or Update Self." Make changes on the member directory information form, save them, but do not enter any information on the dues pages that follow (unless you are also paying dues.)

Pay dues

After logging in, click on "Pay Dues or Update Self."  Update your personal information, then click on Continue to provide dues related information. The website will lead you to an online credit card payment website that is associated with our bank.


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