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News from the Spetses meeting of the CPC, 2006

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The committee met several times at the Spetses Congress.  Significant decisions of the Executive Council and the committee include:

  1. The committee will be involved in developing a governance plan for JCCP over the next year.
  2. The Bulletin will be published twice yearly, and will eventually become an online-only publication. We will no longer try to maintain a consistent cover date for the sake of library subscriptions.
  3. Congress proceedings books will be published as eBooks beginning with the Spetses Congress.  (The Yogyakarta 2002 proceedings are online now, and the Xi'an 2004 proceedings will go online in early 2007.)

The committee sponsored a workshop in the Spetses program to discuss innovative ways to use the Internet to improve IACCP's work.  The workshop produced several ideas that will be pursued in the next year, including the development of online multimedia teaching resources.

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