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Member Books

First author Title Year Author(s) Field(s)
Thomas Cultural Intelligence: Living and Working Globally 2009 David C. Thomas & Kerr Inkson
Matsumoto Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology 2010 David Matsumoto and Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Editors Culture, Psychology, Methodology
Goldstein Cross-Cultural Explorations: Activities in Culture and Psychology 2006 Susan Goldstein
Pederson Counseling across cultures (7th ed.) 2015 Paul Pederson, Walter Lonner, Juris Draguns, Joseph Trimble, Maria. Scharron del Rio (Eds.) Clinical
Pedersen Counseling across cultures (6th Ed.) 2008 Paul B. Pedersen, Juris G. Draguns, Walter J. Lonner, & Joseph E. Trimble (Eds.)
Ratner Cooperation, Community, and Co-Ops in a Global Era 2012 Carl Ratner
Van de Vliert Climate, Affluence, and Culture 2009 Evert Van de Vliert
Goodwin Changing relations: Achieving intimacy in a time of social transition. 2008 Robin Goodwin
Sam Cambridge handbook of acculturation psychology 2006 David L. Sam, & John W. Berry (Eds.) Acculturation
Blanchie's wonderworlds [Blanchies Wunderwelten]
Chybicka Appreciating diversity – gender and cultural issues 2008 Aneta Chybicka & Maria Kaźmierczak (Eds.) Social
Chybicka Appreciating diversity – culture and gender issues 2007 Aneta Chybicka & Maria Kaźmierczak (Eds.)
Matsumoto APA Handbook of Interpersonal Communication 2010 David Matsumoto, Editor Social, Interpersonal Communication
Matsumoto APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication 2010 David Matsumoto, Editor Social, Intercultural Communication
Gelfand Advances in Culture and Psychology (Vol. 1) 2010 Michele J. Gelfand, Chi-yue Chiu, & Ying-Yi Hong (Eds.) Culture General


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