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Member Books

First author Title Year Author(s) Field(s)
Leung Psychological Aspects of Social Axioms - Understanding Global Belief Systems 2009 Kwok Leung, Michael Harris Bond (Eds)
Bond Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology 2010 Bond, M. H. (Ed.)
Warnick Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts 2015 Jason E. Warnick & Dan Landis (Eds.) Neuroscience
Berry Mutual Intercultural Relations 2017 John W. Berry (Ed.)
Mahadevan Muslim Minorities, Workplace Diversity and Reflexive HRM 2017 Jasmin Mahadevan, Claude-Hélène Mayer Work, acculturation
Van de Vijver Multilevel Analysis of Individuals and Cultures 2008 Fons J.R. Van de Vijver, Dianne A Van Hemert, Ype H Poortinga (Eds.)
Mayer Mori-Joe - Exploring Magical Paths: A Reading Companion to Intercultural Learning and Personality Development 2015 Claude-Helene Mayer Developmental, Social
Ratner Macro Cultural Psychology: A Political Philosophy of Mind 2011 Carl Ratner Political
Gardiner Lives across cultures: Cross-cultural human development (5th ed.). 2010 Harry Gardiner, & Corinne Kosmitzki Developmental
Gibbons Intercountry Adoption: Policies, Practices, and Outcomes 2012 Judith L. Gibbons, & Karen Smith Rotabi Developmental
Kim Indigenous and Cultural Psychology: Understanding People in Context 2006 Uichol Kim, Kuo-Shu Yang, Kwang-Kuo Hwang (Eds.)
Berry Immigrant youth in cultural transition: Acculturation, identity, and adaptation across national contexts 2006 John W. Berry, Jean S. Phinney, David L. Sam, & Paul Vedder Acculturation
Chirkov Human Autonomy in Cross-Cultural Context: Perspectives on the Psychology of Agency, Freedom, and Well-Being 2010 Valery Chirkov, Richard Ryan, & Kennon Sheldon (Eds.) Positive Psychology
Leong Handbook of multicultural psychology (Volumes I and II) 2014 Fredrick Leong, L. Comas-Dias, V. McLloyd, & Joseph E. Trimble (Eds.) Multiculturalism, sociology, clinical
Sorrentino Handbook of Motivation and Cognition Across Cultures 2008 Richard Sorrentino and Susumu Yamaguchi (Eds.)


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