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Title Year Author(s) Fields
The Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2014 Kenneth D. Keith General
Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families 2014 Rodosveta Dimitrova, Michael Bender, & Fons van de Vijver (Eds.) Acculturation
The angel who fought the rage [Der Engel der die Sut besiege] 2014 Claude-Hélène Mayer & Christian Martin Boness Developmental
Ecee's reveries [Ecees Träumereien] 2014 Claude-Hélène Mayer & Christian Martin Boness Developmental
Blanchie's wonderworlds [Blanchies Wunderwelten] 2014 Claude-Hélène Mayer & Christian Martin Boness Developmental
The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture 2013 Wang, Qi Developmental, Social
Creating mental health across cultures: Coaching and training for managers 2013 Claude-Hélène Mayer & Christian Martin Boness Clinical, I/O
Intercountry Adoption: Policies, Practices, and Outcomes 2012 Judith L. Gibbons, & Karen Smith Rotabi Developmental
Cooperation, Community, and Co-Ops in a Global Era 2012 Carl Ratner
Social Psychology, Canadian Edition 2012 Catherine Sanderson, & Saba Safdar Social
Fathers in Cultural Context 2012 David W. Shwalb, Barbara J. Shwalb, & Michael E. Lamb Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Fundamental Questions in Cross-Cultural Psychology 2011 Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Athanasios Chasiotis, & Seger M. Breugelmans General
Spirituality and Indian psychology: Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita 2011 Dharm P. S. Bhawuk Indigenous, Religion
The meaning of sense of coherence in transcultural management: A salutogenetic perspective on interactions in a selected South African business organisation 2011 Claude Helene-Mayer Management
Macro Cultural Psychology: A Political Philosophy of Mind 2011 Carl Ratner Political
Lives across cultures: Cross-cultural human development (5th ed.). 2010 Harry Gardiner, & Corinne Kosmitzki Developmental
Development of Geocentric Spatial Language and Cognition: An Eco-cultural Perspective 2010 Pierre R. Dasen & Ramesh C. Mishra Developmental, Cognition, Linguistics
APA Handbook of Interpersonal Communication 2010 David Matsumoto, Editor Social, Interpersonal Communication
APA Handbook of Intercultural Communication 2010 David Matsumoto, Editor Social, Intercultural Communication
Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology 2010 David Matsumoto and Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Editors Culture, Psychology, Methodology
What ARE We Talking About When We Talk About Race? 2010 Marshall Segall Social, Biology
Return Migration and Identity: A Global Phenomenon, A Hong Kong Case 2010 Nan M. Sussman Acculturation, Migration
Advances in Culture and Psychology (Vol. 1) 2010 Michele J. Gelfand, Chi-yue Chiu, & Ying-Yi Hong (Eds.) Culture General
Human Autonomy in Cross-Cultural Context: Perspectives on the Psychology of Agency, Freedom, and Well-Being 2010 Valery Chirkov, Richard Ryan, & Kennon Sheldon (Eds.) Positive Psychology
Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology 2010 Bond, M. H. (Ed.)
Psychological Aspects of Social Axioms - Understanding Global Belief Systems 2009 Kwok Leung, Michael Harris Bond (Eds)
Climate, Affluence, and Culture 2009 Evert Van de Vliert
Understanding Culture - Theory, Research, and Application 2009 Robert S. Wyer, Chi-yue Chiu, Ying-yi Hong (Editors)
Fooling ourselves: Self-deception in politics, religion, and terrorism 2009 Harry C. Triandis Social, Political
Educational theory and practices from the majority world 2008 Pierre Dasen, & Abdel Jalil Akkari Education
Appreciating diversity – gender and cultural issues 2008 Aneta Chybicka & Maria Kaźmierczak (Eds.) Social
Acceptance: The Essence of Peace 2008 Erkman, Fatos (Ed.)
Changing relations: Achieving intimacy in a time of social transition. 2008 Robin Goodwin
Counseling across cultures (6th Ed.) 2008 Paul B. Pedersen, Juris G. Draguns, Walter J. Lonner, & Joseph E. Trimble (Eds.)
Cultural transmission: Psychological, developmental, social, and methodological aspects 2008 Ute Schönpflug (Ed.)
Handbook of Motivation and Cognition Across Cultures 2008 Richard Sorrentino and Susumu Yamaguchi (Eds.)
Multilevel Analysis of Individuals and Cultures 2008 Fons J.R. Van de Vijver, Dianne A Van Hemert, Ype H Poortinga (Eds.)
Appreciating diversity – culture and gender issues 2007 Aneta Chybicka & Maria Kaźmierczak (Eds.)
Cultural psychology 2007 Steven J. Heine
Family, self, and human development across cultures: Theory and applications (2nd ed.) 2007 Cigdem Kagitcibasi
Cultures of Infancy 2007 Heidi Keller
Discovering cultural psychology: A profile and selected readings of Ernest E. Boesch 2007 Walter J. Lonner & Susanna A. Hayes (Eds.)
Families across cultures: A 30 nation psychological study 2006 James Georgas, John W. Berry, Fons J.R. van de Viljer, Cigdem Kagiticibasi & Ype H. Poortinga Developmental
Immigrant youth in cultural transition: Acculturation, identity, and adaptation across national contexts 2006 John W. Berry, Jean S. Phinney, David L. Sam, & Paul Vedder Acculturation
Culture and human development: The importance of cross-cultural research to the social sciences 2006 Wolfgang Friedlmeier, Beate Schwarz & Pradeep Chakkarath (Eds.) Development
Cross-Cultural Explorations: Activities in Culture and Psychology 2006 Susan Goldstein
Indigenous and Cultural Psychology: Understanding People in Context 2006 Uichol Kim, Kuo-Shu Yang, Kwang-Kuo Hwang (Eds.)
Cambridge handbook of acculturation psychology 2006 David L. Sam, & John W. Berry (Eds.) Acculturation