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The IACCP list is designed to improve communication among IACCP members. It has three main functions:

(1) sending timely information and reminders to members about IACCP events;
(2) distributing information of interest to members, such as job announcements; and
(3) discussions among members.

Only IACCP members may join the list. An IACCP member is defined in the constitution as (a) someone who has paid his or her dues for the current calendar year, and (b) someone who has paid dues within the last two years ("probationary member"). Both paid and probationary members receive the Bulletin and may join the list. Only paid members receive JCCP.

Usage Guidelines

Relevance to the list

Postings to the list should have some relationshi to cross-cultural psychology, cultural psychology, indigenous psychology, or collatoral fields such as anthropology or sociology.

Politeness and List Etiquette

The IACCP is highly international, as its name suggests and is known for its cultural sensitivity, politeness, and civility Please try to maintain this tradition on the list. Please remember that the national diversity of the membership is reflected in many other diversities: political/religious beliefs and values; attitudes toward appropriate social interaction; familiarity with computer technologies; availability of resources, and more.

Public versus Private email

Many replies to the list should in fact be sent privately to the sender. The fundamental questions are, "who do I wan to see this message?" and "Is this something that everyone on the list needs to see?"

Using the REPLY button. Every email progra has a REPLY button that automatically creates a new message directed back at the sender of the posting to which you are responding. The IACCP list has been set to place the address of the sender in the TO field.

  • If you want to reply specifically to the person who has posted a message, use the REPLY button.

  • If you want to post your reply to the entire list (and you are sure this is appropriate), you can (1) use REPLY then change the TO from the sender to the list address; or (2) create a new message, and type the list address in the TO field.


Please do not send attachments of any kind to th list address. Many members do not have sufficient resources to process attachments for which they have no need or interest, and attachments are notorious for communicating viruses. Send attachments to individuals only. If you need to make a large document available o the Association as a whole, consider having it placed on the IACCP web site or published in the Bulletin.

Commercial Messages

The list is not an appropriate place to post commercial messages. However, job notices, short notices that your book has been published, conference announcements, and the availability of new graduate programs in the field are appropriate.

Language of Discourse

In line with the traditions of IACCP, the list shall be conducted in English. English is the only common language the Association can practically use for communication at this time. osting in languages other than English may be made, but interaction following the initial posting should be in English. Whither, Esperanto?

Removal from the list

The List Administrator, acting on behalf of the IACCP xecutive Committee, reserves the right to remove members from the list who consistently violate its Usage Guidelines.


You can join the list in three ways.

1. Use the list's web page.

Go to this web address:http://lists.fit.edu then choose "Psychology" and "iaccp".

Click on the "First login ?" link on the left side

Enter your e-mail address and click on Send me my password

The list administrators will need to confirm your membership. This could take a day or more. If your email address is not already in the IACCP Directory, it may be impossible to verify your membership.

2. Send a special email message to the list server.

Send a subscribe message to this address: sympa@lists.fit.edu

The subscribe message is: subscribe iaccp Place this message in the subject line and leave the body of the message blank.

3. Ask a list administrator to add you to the list (see below).

Changing your list settings

The best way to change your settings is on the list web site. Go to this web address: http://lists.fit.edu then choose "iaccp".

Click on the "Subscriber Options" link on the left.

Digest Mode

Digest mode combines all the messages for a day into one email. The email message that you receive from the list will include all the postings for the previous 24 hours appended to a single, possibly long, message.

To reply to one particular posting in this message, you should copy the sender's email address and paste it into the TO field of your reply, or reply to the whole list by copying the list address to your TO field. Please do not reply to the digest message iteself--you may be including the entire digest in your reply, depending on how you have set your email progaram preferences.

No-mail Mode

You can suspend receiving mail by choosing No mail mode. You are still a member of the list, but your mail is not delivered. You can see the mail you missed by accessing the web archive of mail.

Sending mail to the list; viewing messages

1. You can REPLY to an incoming message. Sometimes this is not appropriate.

2. You can send email to the list address: iaccp@lists.fit.edu

3. You can send and view messages on the list web site.

Go to this web address: http://lists.fit.edu and log in.

Click on the IACCP list in the Your Lists box on the left.

Click on the "Post" item on the left

Click on the "Archive" button to see an archive of messages sent to the list..

Leaving the list

You can leave the list in three ways.

1. Use the list's web page.

Go to this web address:http://lists.fit.edu then choose "iaccp".

Click on the "Unsubscribe" link on the left.

2. Send a special email message to
the list server.

Send the message unsubscribe iaccp to
this address:sympa@lists.fit.edu

3. Ask the list assistant to remove you from the list.


Your password was sent to you in the first message you received when the list was created, or you subscribed to the list. It cannot be given on this web page. If you cannot locate your password, contact a list administrator.

Technical problems

The list thinks you are not a member

If you are having problems posting to the list, for example your post bounces back with a "you are not a member..." message, your email address on the list server needs to be modified. Contact
a list administrator.

List Service Requests

Please try to use the list server commands and procedures described in this document. If you cannot get something to work, then please feel free to contact a list administrator.

Please note that there are two kinds of addresses used by this and other list servers: the list address and the list server address. These two are easily and frequently confused.

  • The list address is the email address used to post messages to the list. For this list, it is iaccp@lists.fit.edu.
  • The list server address is the email address to which special email commands are sent using a strict syntax, such as subscribing and leaving. This address is sympa@lists.fit.edu. Because the latter address does not specify the list name, these messages always include the list name in them (see examples above).

List Administrators

Change list settings, quit or join the list: Bill Gabrenya, gabrenya@fit.edu

Technical problems, private comments about the list:
Bill Gabrenya, gabrenya@fit.edu


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